About Michael Soo

Michael Soo of Cupertino, California is an internationally respected photographer and guru of digital imaging. His collection of fine art and commercial photography includes executive portraits, lifestyle, products and food have been featured in numerous international magazine covers, newspapers (i.e. New York Times) as well as exhibits.

Beyond the title Photographer of the Year that propelled him to international stardom, it is his deeply entrenched passion for photography that refines and elevates his craft. It enables him to compose images that emits an aura of dynamism and harmony that seduces the heart of art critics.

Brought up in Asia and educated in America, Michael fuses the best of both cultures in his art form. He gives back to the community by giving photography and photoshop classes. He hosts free photography forums that serve to over a thousand of active Northern California amateur and semi-pro photographers alike.

Behind the scenes

  • NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Cheerleaders Team Shoot 2010
  • NBA Warrior Girls Swimsuit Calendar Photoshoot 2009
  • Trash the Dress Photoshoot
  • Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai
  • NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Calendar 2009
  • Mythical Photographer





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