Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Let’s face it, people. It’s real. In the words of House Stark in Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming,” and so are walkers, biters, the undead, and the entire Zombie Apocalypse. Who knows if they will be the slow, shuffling reanimated corpses of yore, or—much like The Walking Dead portrayals or later sequels of the Resident Evil series—that they will mutate in speed and agility, launching a full-on, flesh-hungry chase complete with flying blood and slobber as you run screaming for your lives. How can you prepare for the End of Days?

• Practice doodling on your face with zombie makeup to blend in with them? Nay. We all know those suckers can smell your succulent, still-human flesh like Armadillo Willy’s from miles away.

• Memorization of prayers in different languages to make sure you’d be calling out to the right deity? Nay. Ain’t nobody gonna save you then.

• Zombie Run courses to build up your agility, endurance, and undead-dodging abilities? Nay. We’re not playing flag football here; this is the real deal.

The best thing to stock up on now? Check this XXX OUT

AMC The Walking Dead Survival Kit Bag - First My Family

That’s right, bonafide Zombie Survival Kits with enough supplies to keep you alive for 72 hours: food rations, emergency water, first aid, even face masks and work gloves in the chance that you have to pick through zombie ick and goop. Along with being a great conversation starter for friends who want to get in on the zombie action, this versatile bag also doubles up as a general disaster-preparedness kit. Cuz flexibility is good.

So keep one in an easy-to-reach place, along with your weapon of choice (katana, rifle, crossbow—whatever tickles your fancy) as you plot your action plan:

• Trek to your nearest designated quarantined safe zone?

• Go on the Holy Grail of quests to find the dude rumored to have concocted a cure for the infection?

• Rally up with fellow survivors along the way?

(Ditch them, though, if they didn’t pack their own survival kit—snooze, ya lose).

Villa Montalvo wedding | With great powers comes great responsibilities | Webby gets wedded

November 24th, 2013 Comments off

We met Jordan & Alex in 2010, a good 3 years back when they booked us for their wedding at Villa Montalvo for both photography and cinematography. One of the best thing about booking us that early is that we became good friends and we completely know what they love, hence, crafting their unique story becomes creating something special for good friends.

Remember the Superheroes Engagement Session from a few months ago? This is that wonderful couple. Now, this is their wedding highlight cinema. Enjoy!

Photography : Capture The Love
Cinematography : Capture The Love
Venue : Villa Montalvo (Montalvo Arts Center at Saratoga)
Makeup Artistry & Hair Styling : designHERimage
Wedding Planning & DJ : Los Gatos DJ Company
Flowers : Ingela Floral Design

Luck be a Lady at San Pablo Lytton Casino | Corporate Shoot

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One thing these players have in common is the shared exhilaration of risk-taking.

Playing the slots at Lytton Casino

From small bets to winning it big at the VIP table, nothing quite compares to the feeling of laying your earnings on the line for the instant gratification of cold, hard cash.

Hitting the slot machine jackpot at Lytton Casino

Our photo shoot takes us to San Pablo Lytton Casino on a cold and foggy evening, in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. Well, when nature does not cooperate, there is always our good friend, PhotoShop. Read more about how we applied some advanced techniques to these architectural shots below.

(roll your mouse over to see the Photoshopped image of the foggy day)

(roll your mouse over to see the Photoshopped image of the foggy day)

Some behind-the-scenes footage of the team hard at work:

At the very least, a night at the casino is a good time out with friends, letting the stress of the workday melt away and fantasizing about how you’re NOT going to spend time at work when you win your mega-millions.

Relaxing and having a good time at the Casino slots

For the gamblers out there, let’s play a round or two. All for the chance of winning the jackpot. Get dealt that winning hand. Go double-or-nothing. Take a stab at those lucky numbers. Roll the dice—Lady Luck be with you tonight.

Winning BIG at the Casino Slots

“Destiny demanded it!” – Wedding at Nestldown, Los Gatos

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It all started with a simple computer that John had put together and was hoping to sell to a fellow college student. After a missed encounter when Jean thought about—but did not answer—the classified ad, they finally did meet several months later, as destiny would have it. Capture the Love is honored to follow John and Jean in their journey, from their pre-wedding photo session to their fateful wedding at the lush and tranquil outdoor venue, Nestldown. Despite all the near-misses that life is determined to throw at them, some couples are meant to be together. John and Jean is one of them.

Photography : Capture The Love
Cinematography : Capture The Love
Venue : Nestldown (180 acres of lush landscape retreat at the Santa Cruz Mountains)
Makeup Artistry & Hair Styling : design HER image
Florist : Nicole Ha
DJ : Big Fun DJ

3D Animation and Motion Graphics for Product Introductions

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An incredibly polished way to showcase a product that is still-in-production, is to show it with 3D Animation and Motion Graphics. It is incredibly realistic and creates a lot of interest on the product without being able to show it physically.

Here’s what we did for Indica Vaporizer. Stylish, sexy, sophisticated. Check it out,