Magic happens | Nestldown with Vera + Eric

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Once in a blue moon, I do see magical things happening. This is one of those times. Vera & Eric knew each other since pre-school and their magic of devotion and care transpired through their lives. Capture The Love is beyond honored to be a part of this wedding, only as cinematographers to showcase such beauty that traverse our planet, wedding was at none other than Nestldown

Perfect Pairings: Hyper Stainless Steel Bands with Apple Watch

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Ever see a guy wearing tennis shoes with a suit? Or how about a gal wearing an elegant dress paired with flip-flops? Some things clash and do not mix—like your expensive, $500+ Apple watch being worn with a simple rubber watchband. Sure, Apple offers a wide variety of accompanying watchbands, from rugged, rubberized sport to classier metallic, but the prices of their upper-line watchbands are as costly as the Apple Watch itself. That’s like the irony of spending way more money on a purse or wallet than you have to put in it.

What’s a more cost-effective, yet just-as-elegant solution? Enter the Hyper Stainless Steel Apple Watchband, made from sophisticated steel alloy. This timeless piece serves as an all-day accessory that you’ll be proud to wear, at the office in the daytime or during a night out around town. The Hyper watchband is comfortable, classic, and corrosion-resistant so you can have peace of mind keeping it on to perform rugged gardening or simply when you have to wash your hands. The best part? You don’t have to compromise quality and looks for cost. Hyper uses the same 316L stainless steel alloy as Apple does for its metal watchbands, but at the fraction of the price for consumers. It even comes in different sizes and designs so you can pick your ideal look. Made for a precision fit with the Apple Watch, this is one of those pairings that complements each other perfectly, like wine and cheese.

Their Kickstarter Campaign is another raving success, reaching its goal in mere hours after going live!

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Wedding | Ivana + Paul

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Watch this couple romance and dance at the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Medical Residency Headshot Services

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Medical Residency Headshot Portrait

Medical Residency Headshot Portrait

It’s tough competition to make it into a career that saves lives. We here at Capture the Look understand the trials and triumphs of a medical career, especially for those embarking on their adventure in medical residency. Before having the privilege of sleep-deprivation from high-stress intensive training, possibly in another country for international experience in areas that need a higher level of medical care, you’ve got to prove your stuff but submitting application after application after application of your choice of programs, hoping you become their choice in the end. Pitted against thousands of other students for the distinguished 10-or-so positions offered, you’re looking at 1% odds of making it. Then you get the distinct honor of paying off your education, and considering the interest accumulation for when you can finally afford to do so, this could mean hundreds of thousand dollars of debt.

How to tackle such a mountain of an obstacle and prove your passion to be of help to others? Like any competitive career, it starts with the resume, in this case, the program application. Most require a headshot photo, representing you at your most professional, compassionate, and well-rested. Aside from dressing up for such a shot, it’s out of your hands as you rely on your friendly photographer to figure out lighting and your most flattering angle. With the advancement of technology, many people these days find and choose their doctors based on client reviews, educational credentials, and, yes, a photo of what they look like, offered by many “Provider Finder” online services.

Put your best foot forward and represent yourself well with a headshot from Capture the Look—fast, friendly, professional. With makeup service ready on-hand, you can be assured that your picture will give you a leading edge and a great first impression. That’s the easy part. Now, on to the end goal of finally having the title of “Doctor” in front of your name.

Regale Winery wedding with Harry & Sylvie

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You can tell by a man’s swagger whether or not he’s a woman’s man, and though a man of few words, Harry is exactly that when he woo’ed his wife-to-be, Sylvie. Strutting in a suave tux and shiny shoes, Harry makes his way down swanky Santa Row, with its manicured potted plants, distinct storefronts, and classy dining options. He passes his very own Vintage Wine Merchants on his way to Regale Winery, the setting of their elegant wedding.

Sylvie describes it best in her vows with her French-Canadian sass, how her entrepreneurial ideal man is smart, driven, entertaining, and romantic, all rolled into a snazzy pair of Italian shoes. It’s ok that Harry has chosen to bypass this particular wardrobe requirement; she has come to love him, anyway. Amidst wine glasses red and white, under a perfectly clear summer sky and surrounded by the sweet smell of lavender and loving friends and family, Sylvie and Harry seal their vows as husband and wife. “I feel big, I dream big, and I love big,” Sylvie says, with enough love for this union to last a lifetime.