iStick: Be a Hero

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You’re giving an important presentation and you’re staking your next raise on it, but despite all they teach you about projecting your voice and owning the stage, all you can think about is hovering close to your laptop to make sure there are no awkward moments of silence every time you need to flip to the next slide. Or you’ve just gotten up close and personal with an audience member, locking eyes for dramatic effect, feeling that they’ve finally understood you on a soul-touching level about the metrics you’ve presented with your awesome pie chart when someone else asks, “Sorry, what are we looking at here?” Back you hurry to the screen, desperate to point out the specific quadrant that you’re speaking about.

It’s the 21st Century! Why deal with mediocre technology? Enter the iPin, designed for compatibility with the iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC devices. This Kickstarter laser pointer allows you the freedom of a wireless presentation, controlling your slides and calling out details with a laser pointer from the convenience of your smart phone.

But that’s not all! iPin also lets you transform into a superhero. Aid people and pets in need. Fight crime. Divert disasters (Really? OK, not really—maybe with a little more practice). Check out our nifty animated video above for more info!

Crafting the Light….beyond natural light.

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We perceive light in slants, rays, patches of brightness that illuminate textures and surfaces. When Dawn caresses the land with her golden fingertips, the earth awakens. By day, a world basked in natural sunlight is one where colors glow richer and truer. In a beam of sun slanting through window blinds at dusk, a hundred specks of dust come alive, swirling in a unique pattern of dance, a world that remained invisible in the absence of light. By night, the dull yellow of a street lamp can alter colors far from their original shade. Shadows elongate along dark pavement, and sometimes, even the familiar faces of friends can appear ghastly.

Photographers always stress the importance of light. We aim to use natural lighting when possible as it makes for richer, unaltered photos, but the wrong kind of weather or environment can cause light to be too dull or harsh, therefore making or breaking a shot in the hands of the inexperienced. When Mother Nature doesn’t feel like being generous with her infinite beauty, our team adds professional lighting to save the scene.

The photo below was taken at The Mountain Terrace in Woodside, home of giant, rich redwoods, creating a perfect opportunity to stage a fantastical forest scene. Some natural light does filter through the dense canopy. The picture was taken in the daytime when the most light could be captured for the area, but it is still too dark to highlight the facial expressions of the bride and groom.

Many details of the textured redwood trunks are also lost at the center focal point of the image. By applying a simple artificial light from the right, the natural sunlight from above becomes balanced. Skin tones glow healthy instead of appearing dull; the bride’s white dress, veil, and even hair ornament become prominent instead of receding into the background; and—more importantly—the joy on her face can be seen. Shooting the trees at an upward angle also shows off the filtration of sunlight through the forest and gives the bright green leaves a lacey effect—a balance of soft edges to the steadfastness and strength of the redwood trunks.

Natural light photo

professional light photo

Love takes flight | Thomas Fogarty Vineyard | Rosewood Hotel

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From high above, Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, CA looks like an enchanted place
nestled in a dreamy landscape. Eddie has always dreamed of becoming a pilot, so it’s only
logical that his wedding day would reflect his vision of flight, from paper airplane décor to
customized cuff links to the light-blue color of the bridesmaids’ dresses, reminiscent of a clear
summer sky. “In-flight” menus and passport props made for entertaining pictures.

Eddie and Joanna said their vows at Stanford Memorial Church and booked the Rosewood
Sand Hill Hotel in Menlo Park, but on their special day, they lived in a fantasy world with their
heads in the clouds. With their hearts as light as air, surrounded by friends and family, they
bound themselves together in matrimony. Hand-in-hand, they walked down a path lined by
loved ones waving sparkler sticks, two planes on a runway with guiding lights to pave the way

Humans are creatures bound to the earth; we do not come with feathered wings to lift our
weighty bodies to the clouds, nor can we feel the carefree buoyancy of winds beneath us. Two
things can bring us closer to the heavens—one being the man-made invention of planes; the
second, a transcendent force, pure and intangible, when our hearts are lucky enough to be
touched by true love.

Venues: Thomas Fogarty Winery | Rosewood Sand Hill | Stanford Memorial Church

Makeup Artistry + Hair Styling by Tiffany Chiang of designHERimage

See it from a 3D / 360 angle!

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It’s frustrating to buy stuff online. You can’t rely on your other senses for that real-life buying experience. You can’t pop open the cap to a bottle of lotion and take a sniff to determine if you do indeed like the scent of “Tropical Passion.” You can’t try a sample of “Purple Power” ice cream to tell if it’s closer to tart blueberry or creamy taro flavor. You can’t run your thumb pad across the surface of a sleek clutch purse to hear if it gives off that distinct shiny-leather squeak. You can’t fondle the texture of a fabric dubbed “100% all-natural materials” to see if it’ll feel scratchy next to your sensitive skin. All you can do is look at the pretty pictures before committing to “Add to Cart.”

We understand the challenges, and in order to make online shopping more fun and interesting, we’re introducing our new 360/3D photography service, putting together a series of images to make it possible for online shoppers to browse different angles of a given product. 3D photography mimics a true-to-life shopping experience, where consumers would pick up an object, turn it around in their hands, and inspect it from different angles to guarantee that they’ll love it (and look good wearing it!) from all sides. Instead of wasting a web page showing 3-5 different images of a product, businesses can maximize available space in a way that pops and captures the interest of consumers. Yay for shiny, moving objects.

How do we create this seemingly simple and clean design? We do what we do best and take pictures of the object from all angles. 36 images make up the standard 360 object, but we also offer options anywhere from 18 to 72 images. The more images there are, the smoother the rotation feels, but it will also increase the download size for the user. Consumers can rotate and zoom in on an object and also view the 3D photography on their mobile devices. We’ll be happy to sit down with you for a consultation on your products and market to determine what will work best for you.

Despite online marketing challenges, it’s no wonder why online buying remains so popular. You don’t have to fight the crazies for a compact parking space at the mall, you have time to decide on a purchase without a salesperson whispering sweet promises in your ear about a product’s performance (you can judge for yourself, thank you), and you can get all your special-occasions and holiday shopping in the comfort of your PJs. Or nothing at all, if that’s how you roll. Thanks to 3D photography, you don’t even have to unnecessarily waste energy by walking around the display rack.

Product Introduction and Informational Video – HYPER

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HYPER introduces iStick, a device made to be showcased & funded in Kickstarter. iStick works like a USB flash drive with high storage capacity and a unique Apple lightning adaptor end. Users can bypass the clunky iTunes, backing up and storing data securely from Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices. It enables the transfer of data and storage of thousands of movies into a simple flash drive, convenient for watching movies on a long flight.

Keeping in mind the budget for this project, we shot this video against a simple, white background with excellent cinematography, then applied After Effects, and special effects on the film. Creating animated backgrounds with floating icons captures consumer interest and quickly informs the audience about a product’s concept and how it works. It also allows the client to save thousands of dollars since the entire video was done in a studio without having to rent a plane or an office for footage of the interior.