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Magazine’s Back/ Front Cover & Food Photography

February 15th, 2010

Highslide JS Very excited to announce the release of the Nesting Newbies, Winter 2010 issue!. This issue’s really cooking!! The food section was shot in Christopher Peacock’s Cabinetry Showroom in San Francisco. Christopher, the English kitchen designer has a client list that includes the Clintons, Mariah Carey, Toni Morrison and the likes. His kitchen won the 2008 Kitchen of the Year!

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With great kitchens, should good food be prepared! Along with good food, must great food photography be designed.

Why “design”? Magazine layouts dictate the orientation and composition of each shot. So, thinking and planning with the final design in mind will ensure that the photographs are crafted for the text, design and layout. It is imperative to think 10 steps ahead when it comes to nearly all genre of photography. It’s like playing a good game of chess.

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Here we photographed not only most of the food showcased in the magazine (without a food stylist, might I add), but all 10-20 food items in just a few mere hours. Such method of shooting will drive insane all, but the most hardened food photographers.

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Here on the left is a brandied tomato cream soup. It is absolutely delicious but REALLY? Soup like these should not be poured into cup this size. It’s such a tease. Plus, I can’t stick my tongue too far into the cup when I’m finished, to lick up the remains.

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This is definitely a great magazine that I would read from cover to cover. Well done, team!!

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