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Sunset Romance at Palmdale Estate in Fremont

May 13th, 2012

What’s more fun that a couple who loves to make fun of each other? The first time Jordan asked Maria out, he gave her the choice of a stuffy ol’ museum or some go-carting, and this active, on-the-go gal can’t wait to run down her husband-to-be behind a set of wheels. As they continued dating, they found a mutual interest in football and arm-wrestling each other. Jordan keeps it real by mimicking Maria’s myriad facial expressions and default body language through her various moods, but she knows how to keep him in line—she just busts out the Tickle Torture, a gift of ultimate endearment to her macho-man Jordan, who can’t help but laugh despite the Ironman façade.

Anyone who knows what a Filipino wedding is like understands the concept of celebration on a grand scale. Whereas more timid couples may balk at the idea of planning and managing a wedding with 20 people in the wedding party and hundreds of guests, this doesn’t stop the couple’s quick laughter for a moment. They are every wedding photographer’s dream in that you never have to remind them to smile. With an entourage of loving friends and family to support them on their wedding day, Jordan and Maria got married at Mission Santa Clara, followed by a reception at the Palmdale Estate in Fremont on a lush green carpet of grass, under the canopy of a new spring sky. Anyone can see that they find joy simply by being in each other’s company. In each other’s arms, they are light in spirit and uplifted by love.

Aside from all the goofing around, it’s clear that these two are ready for the commitment of a lifetime. They will support and help each other across obstacles in their path, letting love guide their decisions throughout their lives together as husband and wife. Jordan and Maria, may your devotion root you to what’s solid and true; may your love for each other make your souls as buoyant as the wind; may you stay as hopeful as the green springtime—and, as you grow old together, may you forever laugh through the years.

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