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Regale Winery wedding with Harry & Sylvie

June 27th, 2015

You can tell by a man’s swagger whether or not he’s a woman’s man, and though a man of few words, Harry is exactly that when he woo’ed his wife-to-be, Sylvie. Strutting in a suave tux and shiny shoes, Harry makes his way down swanky Santa Row, with its manicured potted plants, distinct storefronts, and classy dining options. He passes his very own Vintage Wine Merchants on his way to Regale Winery, the setting of their elegant wedding.

Sylvie describes it best in her vows with her French-Canadian sass, how her entrepreneurial ideal man is smart, driven, entertaining, and romantic, all rolled into a snazzy pair of Italian shoes. It’s ok that Harry has chosen to bypass this particular wardrobe requirement; she has come to love him, anyway. Amidst wine glasses red and white, under a perfectly clear summer sky and surrounded by the sweet smell of lavender and loving friends and family, Sylvie and Harry seal their vows as husband and wife. “I feel big, I dream big, and I love big,” Sylvie says, with enough love for this union to last a lifetime.

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