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Perfect Pairings: Hyper Stainless Steel Bands with Apple Watch

August 26th, 2015 Comments off

Ever see a guy wearing tennis shoes with a suit? Or how about a gal wearing an elegant dress paired with flip-flops? Some things clash and do not mix—like your expensive, $500+ Apple watch being worn with a simple rubber watchband. Sure, Apple offers a wide variety of accompanying watchbands, from rugged, rubberized sport to classier metallic, but the prices of their upper-line watchbands are as costly as the Apple Watch itself. That’s like the irony of spending way more money on a purse or wallet than you have to put in it.

What’s a more cost-effective, yet just-as-elegant solution? Enter the Hyper Stainless Steel Apple Watchband, made from sophisticated steel alloy. This timeless piece serves as an all-day accessory that you’ll be proud to wear, at the office in the daytime or during a night out around town. The Hyper watchband is comfortable, classic, and corrosion-resistant so you can have peace of mind keeping it on to perform rugged gardening or simply when you have to wash your hands. The best part? You don’t have to compromise quality and looks for cost. Hyper uses the same 316L stainless steel alloy as Apple does for its metal watchbands, but at the fraction of the price for consumers. It even comes in different sizes and designs so you can pick your ideal look. Made for a precision fit with the Apple Watch, this is one of those pairings that complements each other perfectly, like wine and cheese.

Their Kickstarter Campaign is another raving success, reaching its goal in mere hours after going live!

See it from a 3D / 360 angle!

July 2nd, 2014 Comments off

It’s frustrating to buy stuff online. You can’t rely on your other senses for that real-life buying experience. You can’t pop open the cap to a bottle of lotion and take a sniff to determine if you do indeed like the scent of “Tropical Passion.” You can’t try a sample of “Purple Power” ice cream to tell if it’s closer to tart blueberry or creamy taro flavor. You can’t run your thumb pad across the surface of a sleek clutch purse to hear if it gives off that distinct shiny-leather squeak. You can’t fondle the texture of a fabric dubbed “100% all-natural materials” to see if it’ll feel scratchy next to your sensitive skin. All you can do is look at the pretty pictures before committing to “Add to Cart.”

We understand the challenges, and in order to make online shopping more fun and interesting, we’re introducing our new 360/3D photography service, putting together a series of images to make it possible for online shoppers to browse different angles of a given product. 3D photography mimics a true-to-life shopping experience, where consumers would pick up an object, turn it around in their hands, and inspect it from different angles to guarantee that they’ll love it (and look good wearing it!) from all sides. Instead of wasting a web page showing 3-5 different images of a product, businesses can maximize available space in a way that pops and captures the interest of consumers. Yay for shiny, moving objects.

How do we create this seemingly simple and clean design? We do what we do best and take pictures of the object from all angles. 36 images make up the standard 360 object, but we also offer options anywhere from 18 to 72 images. The more images there are, the smoother the rotation feels, but it will also increase the download size for the user. Consumers can rotate and zoom in on an object and also view the 3D photography on their mobile devices. We’ll be happy to sit down with you for a consultation on your products and market to determine what will work best for you.

Despite online marketing challenges, it’s no wonder why online buying remains so popular. You don’t have to fight the crazies for a compact parking space at the mall, you have time to decide on a purchase without a salesperson whispering sweet promises in your ear about a product’s performance (you can judge for yourself, thank you), and you can get all your special-occasions and holiday shopping in the comfort of your PJs. Or nothing at all, if that’s how you roll. Thanks to 3D photography, you don’t even have to unnecessarily waste energy by walking around the display rack.

Product Introduction and Informational Video – HYPER

May 12th, 2014 Comments off

HYPER introduces iStick, a device made to be showcased & funded in Kickstarter. iStick works like a USB flash drive with high storage capacity and a unique Apple lightning adaptor end. Users can bypass the clunky iTunes, backing up and storing data securely from Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices. It enables the transfer of data and storage of thousands of movies into a simple flash drive, convenient for watching movies on a long flight.

Keeping in mind the budget for this project, we shot this video against a simple, white background with excellent cinematography, then applied After Effects, and special effects on the film. Creating animated backgrounds with floating icons captures consumer interest and quickly informs the audience about a product’s concept and how it works. It also allows the client to save thousands of dollars since the entire video was done in a studio without having to rent a plane or an office for footage of the interior.

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

February 13th, 2014 Comments off

Let’s face it, people. It’s real. In the words of House Stark in Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming,” and so are walkers, biters, the undead, and the entire Zombie Apocalypse. Who knows if they will be the slow, shuffling reanimated corpses of yore, or—much like The Walking Dead portrayals or later sequels of the Resident Evil series—that they will mutate in speed and agility, launching a full-on, flesh-hungry chase complete with flying blood and slobber as you run screaming for your lives. How can you prepare for the End of Days?

• Practice doodling on your face with zombie makeup to blend in with them? Nay. We all know those suckers can smell your succulent, still-human flesh like Armadillo Willy’s from miles away.

• Memorization of prayers in different languages to make sure you’d be calling out to the right deity? Nay. Ain’t nobody gonna save you then.

• Zombie Run courses to build up your agility, endurance, and undead-dodging abilities? Nay. We’re not playing flag football here; this is the real deal.

The best thing to stock up on now? Check this XXX OUT

AMC The Walking Dead Survival Kit Bag - First My Family

That’s right, bonafide Zombie Survival Kits with enough supplies to keep you alive for 72 hours: food rations, emergency water, first aid, even face masks and work gloves in the chance that you have to pick through zombie ick and goop. Along with being a great conversation starter for friends who want to get in on the zombie action, this versatile bag also doubles up as a general disaster-preparedness kit. Cuz flexibility is good.

So keep one in an easy-to-reach place, along with your weapon of choice (katana, rifle, crossbow—whatever tickles your fancy) as you plot your action plan:

• Trek to your nearest designated quarantined safe zone?

• Go on the Holy Grail of quests to find the dude rumored to have concocted a cure for the infection?

• Rally up with fellow survivors along the way?

(Ditch them, though, if they didn’t pack their own survival kit—snooze, ya lose).

3D Animation and Motion Graphics for Product Introductions

November 6th, 2013 Comments off

An incredibly polished way to showcase a product that is still-in-production, is to show it with 3D Animation and Motion Graphics. It is incredibly realistic and creates a lot of interest on the product without being able to show it physically.

Here’s what we did for Indica Vaporizer. Stylish, sexy, sophisticated. Check it out,