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Medical Residency Headshot Services

July 7th, 2015 Comments off

Medical Residency Headshot Portrait

Medical Residency Headshot Portrait

It’s tough competition to make it into a career that saves lives. We here at Capture the Look understand the trials and triumphs of a medical career, especially for those embarking on their adventure in medical residency. Before having the privilege of sleep-deprivation from high-stress intensive training, possibly in another country for international experience in areas that need a higher level of medical care, you’ve got to prove your stuff but submitting application after application after application of your choice of programs, hoping you become their choice in the end. Pitted against thousands of other students for the distinguished 10-or-so positions offered, you’re looking at 1% odds of making it. Then you get the distinct honor of paying off your education, and considering the interest accumulation for when you can finally afford to do so, this could mean hundreds of thousand dollars of debt.

How to tackle such a mountain of an obstacle and prove your passion to be of help to others? Like any competitive career, it starts with the resume, in this case, the program application. Most require a headshot photo, representing you at your most professional, compassionate, and well-rested. Aside from dressing up for such a shot, it’s out of your hands as you rely on your friendly photographer to figure out lighting and your most flattering angle. With the advancement of technology, many people these days find and choose their doctors based on client reviews, educational credentials, and, yes, a photo of what they look like, offered by many “Provider Finder” online services.

Put your best foot forward and represent yourself well with a headshot from Capture the Look—fast, friendly, professional. With makeup service ready on-hand, you can be assured that your picture will give you a leading edge and a great first impression. That’s the easy part. Now, on to the end goal of finally having the title of “Doctor” in front of your name.

Our Inner Superheroes – Engagement Session

April 10th, 2013 Comments off

Jordan and Alex both graduated from San Jose State University, sharing a love for drama. Naturally, they wanted to reenact one of their happiest moments—when Alex proposed—in the SJSU theater where they had spent so much of their college lives.

San Jose State University Theater Engagement

But fun-loving Jordan and Alex have more than just a theatrical flair; they also have superhero alter-egos!

San Jose State University Theater Backstage

Many, actually, as in their engagement photo session, we played up Alex’s love for comic books by bringing to life some of DC’s and Marvel’s most beloved icons. Like the Gotham bat signal projected against a dreary sky and Green Lantern’s power ring, Jordan and Alex are each others’ light through dark times, their mutual symbols of hope and strength.

Batman and Green Lantern

Batman and Nightwing

The fun does not stop with a mere studio shoot, however. Since Alex grew up around the redwood trees and beaches of Santa Cruz, we also photographed them spending a day out in nature and enjoying each others’ company (this is what superheroes do on their days off).

Superheroes in mid flight

Threading waters in Santa Cruz

We all can relate to the appeal of superheroes, those larger-than-life legends who live in a fantasy world not too different from our own reality. At some point, we have felt like cast-out freaks, different from the rest, harboring a dark side no one else could possibly understand. Like Venom, this side of us threatens to take over, drown and incapacitate us.

Black Spiderman - Venom

It takes a pure and true force of nature to allow us to see the “freakish” as “unique,” to accept us for who we are, to help us conquer our dark sides. Believing in superheroes is a way for us to cope with the mundane and to bring out the best in ourselves through impossible and trying times. Not much different from the power of love.

Spiderman scaling a wall at sunset

Pregnancy Photos for couples

March 6th, 2012 Comments off

One of our favorite kinds of photo shoots to do is pregnancy photos. Couples always tell us they’re so glad they captured this moment, because they’re so busy in the moment with getting ready for the new baby that the whole experience becomes a blur in their memories. The pictures will always be there remind them of the excitement and anticipation of bringing a new baby into the world. And for us, it’s amazing to be there with a couple as they get ready to welcome their new child.

We recently had the honor of doing a pregnancy photo shoot with one of the most beautiful, totally in love couples we’ve ever met: Tess Fike and Tavares Gooden. You might recognize Tavares from his work as a linebacker for the 49ers this past season, but these days he’s in training for a really tough job: dad to his baby Kadence, who is due in April.

It was so much fun to shoot Tess and Tavares because a) they’re both so good-looking and b) they were filled with that glow that only parents-to-be can give off. The camera just loved them!

Tess and Tavares Gooden

We decided to shoot in the studio with a basic grey background so the focus would be on Tess and Tavares, with no distractions. We wanted the lighting to be a bit dramatic, so we played with the contrast between light and dark, shine and shadow.

Pregnancy / bump photos

This shot of their hands making a heart on Tess’s belly is so simple but so moving, right? Many couples are a little nervous in front of the camera, but these two were completely comfortable together.

Tess Fike's pregnancy

Tess was totally radiant with that special pregnancy glow. She’s already overflowing with love for Kadence, and you can just tell she’s going to be a great mom.

Congratulations, Tess and Tavares! We wish you both the best.

SunPower solar panels, from sunlight to studio light

January 28th, 2012 1 comment

When we decided to renovate the studio, we wanted to create a cozy, inviting space with lots of natural light and elegant furnishings. But we weren’t just thinking about the inside environment; we wanted to do something good for the outside environment, too.

That’s why on top of all the other renovations we made to our studio—literally—are 28 SunPower solar panels. They are the most efficient panels in the business, and will help us save money and cut way down on greenhouse gas emissions.

SunPower Solar Panels above our studio

I don’t want to bore you with too many numbers, but this is pretty impressive: the panels will offset our power costs by $300 a month. Over the next twenty-five years, we’ll save a whopping $92,000.

But the environmental benefits are even more amazing. By installing those 28 solar panels, we’re saving the equivalent of driving a car 354,000 miles. We’re saving the amount of CO² produced by 3,400 trees. Imagine if a family that never recycled anything started recycling all their cans and bottles and paper. Twenty-five years later, they have saved 98,400 pounds of solid waste from ending up in landfills. That’s the equivalent of how much energy we’re saving!

With all the lights and equipment we need to use, photography shoots can suck up a lot of energy. But we believe creating a beautiful photograph shouldn’t come at the expense of the natural environment. The new solar panels help us give back to the planet while bringing our power bill down—a real win-win!

We decided to go with SunPower because they have been around for over 25 years and offer the most efficient solar panels on the planet. They’re so efficient that they even generate power on cloudy days! The panels sit low over the roof, and their sleek design makes them barely noticeable. We don’t have to put in any extra effort at all. And whenever I want to see something that will make me smile, I can just pull up the SunPower app on my iPad to see how much energy we’re saving.

Come visit our newly renovated studio to see all the improvements we’ve made, inside and out!

Photography Studio Renovated! Happy New Year!!!

December 31st, 2011 Comments off

As we say goodbye to 2011, we also say goodbye to the headache of renovating our photography
studio. We spent 3 months dealing with the fine white dust from the drywall, the teeth-shattering jackhammering, and the noise from dawn till dusk. Renovation is super stressful, especially if, like me, you’re someone who is meticulous about the tiniest details: light, color, the shape of the tiles, design, ambiance, and on and on.

But the good news is that our studio renovation is finally complete! Champagne all around, please! Happy New Year!!!

Photographer of the Year

We decided to go through the remodeling process because we wanted to be able use the studio as an elegant backdrop in photos. Renovation of this proportion usually takes 6 months, but we
completed a majority of it in just under 3 months because we are utilizing the space as a studio and can’t have such a long downtime. We had to be extremely creative in making the renovations in sections.

We did all the interior design ourselves, and we’re so please with how it turned out! The studio used to be really dark, but now light pours in from skylights and windows. Glass doors open onto the yard, creating a flow between indoor/outdoor living space.

We created more light by adding 7 new skylights, and a bunch of new windows. We also installed at least 60+ new light fixtures into the studio, most of which are LED (energy efficient and non-toxic).

The interior has a wedding theme with a glamorous, contemporary, warm and extremely sexy feel. The furniture is modern and cozy, the perfect place for couples who are getting married to get comfortable, have some wine and cheese, and chat with us about their plans.

The fireplace is elongated, see-through and set into beautifully curved tiles, bordered by wood. The other side has a large black granite surround, sitting on a sensual red wall. The see-through fireplace is fun because it’s essentially 2 fireplaces in one.

The salon also received a facelift with new light fixtures, glass French doors and new flooring.

With its beautiful lighting, flowing design, comfortable furnishings and elegant touches throughout the space, visitors tell us the new studio has the feel of a high-end lounge.

Reception Room

Crystal Light Panels

Wedding Albums atop a see through fireplace


Capture The Love Studio

Album Spread

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