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Medical Residency Headshot Services

July 7th, 2015 Comments off

Medical Residency Headshot Portrait

Medical Residency Headshot Portrait

It’s tough competition to make it into a career that saves lives. We here at Capture the Look understand the trials and triumphs of a medical career, especially for those embarking on their adventure in medical residency. Before having the privilege of sleep-deprivation from high-stress intensive training, possibly in another country for international experience in areas that need a higher level of medical care, you’ve got to prove your stuff but submitting application after application after application of your choice of programs, hoping you become their choice in the end. Pitted against thousands of other students for the distinguished 10-or-so positions offered, you’re looking at 1% odds of making it. Then you get the distinct honor of paying off your education, and considering the interest accumulation for when you can finally afford to do so, this could mean hundreds of thousand dollars of debt.

How to tackle such a mountain of an obstacle and prove your passion to be of help to others? Like any competitive career, it starts with the resume, in this case, the program application. Most require a headshot photo, representing you at your most professional, compassionate, and well-rested. Aside from dressing up for such a shot, it’s out of your hands as you rely on your friendly photographer to figure out lighting and your most flattering angle. With the advancement of technology, many people these days find and choose their doctors based on client reviews, educational credentials, and, yes, a photo of what they look like, offered by many “Provider Finder” online services.

Put your best foot forward and represent yourself well with a headshot from Capture the Look—fast, friendly, professional. With makeup service ready on-hand, you can be assured that your picture will give you a leading edge and a great first impression. That’s the easy part. Now, on to the end goal of finally having the title of “Doctor” in front of your name.

Crafting the Light….beyond natural light.

November 1st, 2014 Comments off

We perceive light in slants, rays, patches of brightness that illuminate textures and surfaces. When Dawn caresses the land with her golden fingertips, the earth awakens. By day, a world basked in natural sunlight is one where colors glow richer and truer. In a beam of sun slanting through window blinds at dusk, a hundred specks of dust come alive, swirling in a unique pattern of dance, a world that remained invisible in the absence of light. By night, the dull yellow of a street lamp can alter colors far from their original shade. Shadows elongate along dark pavement, and sometimes, even the familiar faces of friends can appear ghastly.

Photographers always stress the importance of light. We aim to use natural lighting when possible as it makes for richer, unaltered photos, but the wrong kind of weather or environment can cause light to be too dull or harsh, therefore making or breaking a shot in the hands of the inexperienced. When Mother Nature doesn’t feel like being generous with her infinite beauty, our team adds professional lighting to save the scene.

The photo below was taken at The Mountain Terrace in Woodside, home of giant, rich redwoods, creating a perfect opportunity to stage a fantastical forest scene. Some natural light does filter through the dense canopy. The picture was taken in the daytime when the most light could be captured for the area, but it is still too dark to highlight the facial expressions of the bride and groom.

Many details of the textured redwood trunks are also lost at the center focal point of the image. By applying a simple artificial light from the right, the natural sunlight from above becomes balanced. Skin tones glow healthy instead of appearing dull; the bride’s white dress, veil, and even hair ornament become prominent instead of receding into the background; and—more importantly—the joy on her face can be seen. Shooting the trees at an upward angle also shows off the filtration of sunlight through the forest and gives the bright green leaves a lacey effect—a balance of soft edges to the steadfastness and strength of the redwood trunks.

Natural light photo

professional light photo

Center Stage with HYPER at WPPI Tradeshow, MGM | Las Vegas

April 18th, 2013 Comments off

When you think about it, a Mac computer, iPhone, or tablet has many competitors on the market that boast similar products. What draws loyal fans back as soon as the latest product is launched? The answer is, arguably, the marketing. The sleek and simple Apple logo has become much beloved and recognized around the world.

A few years ago, we did a photo shoot for Hyper on their HyperMac line: batteries compatible on Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad. Hyper definitely knows its stuff when it comes to marketing—they combine eye-catching models and bold colors to turn a product photography session into a fashion shoot.

Golden Painted Model at WPPI

With the launch of Hyper’s new product line, HyperJuice—a USB-compatible device that sends photos from a professional camera to a portable storage and viewing device such as an iPad—we found ourselves at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) trade show in Las Vegas. Hyper kicks it off big this year with scantily-clad, hand-painted models, their pronounced muscles and defined curves accentuating all that is beautiful about the human body.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

As a nod to the electronics industry, recognizable symbols are painted over the models’ eyes and on their bodies: A Wifi symbol, a battery icon, a music note, the Hyper cross logo.

Melody Music Note and Power

Wifi Play Music Note File

To add to this already amazing display of art, the models also molded their bodies together, sometimes forming shapes such as the HyperJuice iUSB Port device.

Black Hands

We are used to being behind-the scenes with our cameras and equipment, and our subjects are the stars and focal point. At WPPI, however, we found ourselves at center stage with more than 20,000 photographers and filmmakers passing by to watch us do the professional shoot. Talk about an audience! Many people found it hard to give just a passing glance to such decked-out models.

Human and Technology

As they played and posed, entwining their bodies together to become one, it hearkens to the relationship between humans and technology in the current day and age: we admire our devices, we couldn’t keep our hands off them, we count on them to stay connected, we love them.

Hyper at WPPI

Thus is art so simply expressed and conveyed, powerfully marketing a product by catching the eyes of thousands of passersby.

Introducing Julie Dorst, Bay Area Fashion Designer

March 21st, 2013 Comments off

Most of us could recall something specific in youth that fueled our passions and inspired what we love today. Maybe it was a future mechanic picking up a toy tool set, a programmer absentmindedly tapping at the keyboard like a piano, or an artist doodling with crayons on paper.

For Julie Dorst, it all started with a lambswool jacket, the comforting look and feel of which gave her joy and comfort when she wore it. Since she was young, Julie knew she had a knack for fashion. Like any artist, things that people don’t normally give a second glance at would call out to her. She loved the feel of soft textures. Bold prints inspired her to piece together different colors and see how they complemented each other. Before long, she developed an affinity to the chic and stylish. Fueled with a desire to share her sense of fashion with modern women, Julie became a designer and launched her clothing line on the internet, recently introducing her Fall 2013 collection.

Julie Dorst Fashion

Julie’s brand is captured in classic silhouettes, timeless colors, and modern prints. Best of all, it’s made in the USA. Whether women are at work or around town, Julie wants to inspire comfort and confidence with her clothing line.

We love the opportunity to shoot all the photographs for her website, www.juliedorst.com. Julie’s Fall line boasts the rich, earthy, and bold colors of an autumn harvest, and we had fun contrasting this against a canvas of nature’s own colors. Here’s what Julie has to say about her passion and how it all started:

“The Julie Dorst brand is a culmination of my lifelong love for fashion
and the entrepreneurial bug I caught while counseling start-up companies
as a lawyer in the Silicon Valley. As a child I had an affinity for anything
soft or blue, and my adoration for texture and color along with my favorite
lambswool jacket (an updated version of which I still wear today!) became
the foundation for what has now become my brand. Based in California,
where a woman’s busy day can require her to look stylish in a variety of
circumstances, my clothing line is inspired by the idea that wherever she is,
a woman should look fabulous and feel great. If any of you women are like
me, I know I have a much better day when I’m wearing the right outfit!”

To browse Julie’s collection or for information on how to purchase any of the outfits that may catch your eye, head on over to Julie’s website!

Julie Dorst Fashion

Julie Dorst Fashion

SunPower solar panels, from sunlight to studio light

January 28th, 2012 1 comment

When we decided to renovate the studio, we wanted to create a cozy, inviting space with lots of natural light and elegant furnishings. But we weren’t just thinking about the inside environment; we wanted to do something good for the outside environment, too.

That’s why on top of all the other renovations we made to our studio—literally—are 28 SunPower solar panels. They are the most efficient panels in the business, and will help us save money and cut way down on greenhouse gas emissions.

SunPower Solar Panels above our studio

I don’t want to bore you with too many numbers, but this is pretty impressive: the panels will offset our power costs by $300 a month. Over the next twenty-five years, we’ll save a whopping $92,000.

But the environmental benefits are even more amazing. By installing those 28 solar panels, we’re saving the equivalent of driving a car 354,000 miles. We’re saving the amount of CO² produced by 3,400 trees. Imagine if a family that never recycled anything started recycling all their cans and bottles and paper. Twenty-five years later, they have saved 98,400 pounds of solid waste from ending up in landfills. That’s the equivalent of how much energy we’re saving!

With all the lights and equipment we need to use, photography shoots can suck up a lot of energy. But we believe creating a beautiful photograph shouldn’t come at the expense of the natural environment. The new solar panels help us give back to the planet while bringing our power bill down—a real win-win!

We decided to go with SunPower because they have been around for over 25 years and offer the most efficient solar panels on the planet. They’re so efficient that they even generate power on cloudy days! The panels sit low over the roof, and their sleek design makes them barely noticeable. We don’t have to put in any extra effort at all. And whenever I want to see something that will make me smile, I can just pull up the SunPower app on my iPad to see how much energy we’re saving.

Come visit our newly renovated studio to see all the improvements we’ve made, inside and out!