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Introducing Julie Dorst, Bay Area Fashion Designer

March 21st, 2013 Comments off

Most of us could recall something specific in youth that fueled our passions and inspired what we love today. Maybe it was a future mechanic picking up a toy tool set, a programmer absentmindedly tapping at the keyboard like a piano, or an artist doodling with crayons on paper.

For Julie Dorst, it all started with a lambswool jacket, the comforting look and feel of which gave her joy and comfort when she wore it. Since she was young, Julie knew she had a knack for fashion. Like any artist, things that people don’t normally give a second glance at would call out to her. She loved the feel of soft textures. Bold prints inspired her to piece together different colors and see how they complemented each other. Before long, she developed an affinity to the chic and stylish. Fueled with a desire to share her sense of fashion with modern women, Julie became a designer and launched her clothing line on the internet, recently introducing her Fall 2013 collection.

Julie Dorst Fashion

Julie’s brand is captured in classic silhouettes, timeless colors, and modern prints. Best of all, it’s made in the USA. Whether women are at work or around town, Julie wants to inspire comfort and confidence with her clothing line.

We love the opportunity to shoot all the photographs for her website, www.juliedorst.com. Julie’s Fall line boasts the rich, earthy, and bold colors of an autumn harvest, and we had fun contrasting this against a canvas of nature’s own colors. Here’s what Julie has to say about her passion and how it all started:

“The Julie Dorst brand is a culmination of my lifelong love for fashion
and the entrepreneurial bug I caught while counseling start-up companies
as a lawyer in the Silicon Valley. As a child I had an affinity for anything
soft or blue, and my adoration for texture and color along with my favorite
lambswool jacket (an updated version of which I still wear today!) became
the foundation for what has now become my brand. Based in California,
where a woman’s busy day can require her to look stylish in a variety of
circumstances, my clothing line is inspired by the idea that wherever she is,
a woman should look fabulous and feel great. If any of you women are like
me, I know I have a much better day when I’m wearing the right outfit!”

To browse Julie’s collection or for information on how to purchase any of the outfits that may catch your eye, head on over to Julie’s website!

Julie Dorst Fashion

Julie Dorst Fashion

Photography Studio Renovated! Happy New Year!!!

December 31st, 2011 Comments off

As we say goodbye to 2011, we also say goodbye to the headache of renovating our photography
studio. We spent 3 months dealing with the fine white dust from the drywall, the teeth-shattering jackhammering, and the noise from dawn till dusk. Renovation is super stressful, especially if, like me, you’re someone who is meticulous about the tiniest details: light, color, the shape of the tiles, design, ambiance, and on and on.

But the good news is that our studio renovation is finally complete! Champagne all around, please! Happy New Year!!!

Photographer of the Year

We decided to go through the remodeling process because we wanted to be able use the studio as an elegant backdrop in photos. Renovation of this proportion usually takes 6 months, but we
completed a majority of it in just under 3 months because we are utilizing the space as a studio and can’t have such a long downtime. We had to be extremely creative in making the renovations in sections.

We did all the interior design ourselves, and we’re so please with how it turned out! The studio used to be really dark, but now light pours in from skylights and windows. Glass doors open onto the yard, creating a flow between indoor/outdoor living space.

We created more light by adding 7 new skylights, and a bunch of new windows. We also installed at least 60+ new light fixtures into the studio, most of which are LED (energy efficient and non-toxic).

The interior has a wedding theme with a glamorous, contemporary, warm and extremely sexy feel. The furniture is modern and cozy, the perfect place for couples who are getting married to get comfortable, have some wine and cheese, and chat with us about their plans.

The fireplace is elongated, see-through and set into beautifully curved tiles, bordered by wood. The other side has a large black granite surround, sitting on a sensual red wall. The see-through fireplace is fun because it’s essentially 2 fireplaces in one.

The salon also received a facelift with new light fixtures, glass French doors and new flooring.

With its beautiful lighting, flowing design, comfortable furnishings and elegant touches throughout the space, visitors tell us the new studio has the feel of a high-end lounge.

Reception Room

Crystal Light Panels

Wedding Albums atop a see through fireplace


Capture The Love Studio

Album Spread

designHERimage Salon by Tiffany Chiang

People HATE us on Yelp!

November 23rd, 2010 5 comments

We are very blessed to be one of Yelp’s highest ranked photographer in the bay area. Yup, with approx. 50 FIVE STARS reviews, we feel loved. However, today came an email stating that we now have a negative FAT ONE STAR review in Yelp! A one-star what?!!

We’re breaking the mold ! Making history and causing chaos in the industry. People officially now hate us on Yelp! 😉

– Michael Soo
Sad Photographer of the Year

Fashion Photographer takes on NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader’s Swimsuit Calendar

August 14th, 2010 1 comment

Behind the scenes in the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers photoshoot by Soo Photography.

THE Photographer of Photographers – Wedding Engagement

May 12th, 2010 1 comment

Who do photographers go to when they need a photographer themselves?  Do you know that 50% of our clients are photographers?!  We get doubly excited when our clients are photographers since their expectations for quality is significantly higher than everybody else’s.  That gives us wonderful challenges that we can work towards!

We get our share of camaraderie with fellow photographers since we teach photography & photoshop workshops, we have a forum with over 1,500 local photographers and we are setup to be the smug leader for Smugmug Pro in the Silicon Valley fairly soon.

Aaron, a good photographer in his own rights and a member of our forum (I say “our” because I see the forum as a property of the community) and Lani have been together for 9 years! I really enjoy the fact that they are shy at times but do finish each others sentences. Lani loves Mexican and Aaron loves sushi. I did suggest them to live near a Jap-Mex combo restaurant (we did pass a Chinese-Mex restaurant on our way to the engagement shoot. So these things do exist). Engagement photos below,

…all shot within the confines of a water temple, golden gate park, japanese garden, golden gate’s baker’s beach. It was a really fun day where the sunlight was kind to me, allowing me to craft such portraits for them to enjoy for a long time to come!!