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Halong Bay, Vietnam

January 19th, 2016 Comments off

Highlights of my trip to Halong Bay, Vietnam, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World

Vacation videos vs photos

January 8th, 2016 Comments off

Selfie sticks are a big hit today because, well, we want to document and remember ourselves, what we look like and where we have been. A video, on the other hand, showcase motion, tells a story and transport you back with all the sights, sound, taste, smell, touch, intact. Well almost. But it’s close.

I had the honor to spend 13 long days with old friends in Hong Kong, Niseko and Osaka. It was about the same time right after I purchased the new DJI Osmo, which made carrying a steady camera so much easier.

Long story short, we made up our minds to just memorialize this absolutely wonderful vacation we had. 99% of the footages were shot with the Osmo and it wasn’t that hard. I wasn’t shooting all the time, just occassionally and the edit? Took me 3-4 hours to complete. All in 4K!!!

How often do you try to remember the beautiful vacation in Hawaii or Italy you had and can only bring back mini fragments of memories? 20 years down the road, I’ll be looking at this video and it’ll bring me back to the powdered slopes of Niseko, drinking the luscious, creamy Sapporo Classic with old friends, hearing the screams and laughters of the little ones, holding the tender hands of my beloved.

Center Stage with HYPER at WPPI Tradeshow, MGM | Las Vegas

April 18th, 2013 Comments off

When you think about it, a Mac computer, iPhone, or tablet has many competitors on the market that boast similar products. What draws loyal fans back as soon as the latest product is launched? The answer is, arguably, the marketing. The sleek and simple Apple logo has become much beloved and recognized around the world.

A few years ago, we did a photo shoot for Hyper on their HyperMac line: batteries compatible on Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad. Hyper definitely knows its stuff when it comes to marketing—they combine eye-catching models and bold colors to turn a product photography session into a fashion shoot.

Golden Painted Model at WPPI

With the launch of Hyper’s new product line, HyperJuice—a USB-compatible device that sends photos from a professional camera to a portable storage and viewing device such as an iPad—we found ourselves at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) trade show in Las Vegas. Hyper kicks it off big this year with scantily-clad, hand-painted models, their pronounced muscles and defined curves accentuating all that is beautiful about the human body.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

As a nod to the electronics industry, recognizable symbols are painted over the models’ eyes and on their bodies: A Wifi symbol, a battery icon, a music note, the Hyper cross logo.

Melody Music Note and Power

Wifi Play Music Note File

To add to this already amazing display of art, the models also molded their bodies together, sometimes forming shapes such as the HyperJuice iUSB Port device.

Black Hands

We are used to being behind-the scenes with our cameras and equipment, and our subjects are the stars and focal point. At WPPI, however, we found ourselves at center stage with more than 20,000 photographers and filmmakers passing by to watch us do the professional shoot. Talk about an audience! Many people found it hard to give just a passing glance to such decked-out models.

Human and Technology

As they played and posed, entwining their bodies together to become one, it hearkens to the relationship between humans and technology in the current day and age: we admire our devices, we couldn’t keep our hands off them, we count on them to stay connected, we love them.

Hyper at WPPI

Thus is art so simply expressed and conveyed, powerfully marketing a product by catching the eyes of thousands of passersby.

To the Lighthouse!

December 13th, 2012 Comments off

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Standing 50 miles south of San Francisco is California Historical Landmark #930, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. What does this have to do with love? Named after the Carrier Pigeon ship that wrecked on its shores in 1853, this operative lighthouse, since built, has lit the way for ships with its reassuring and steadfast beam of light. It boasts the reputation of being one of the tallest lighthouses on the United States’ west coast and is undeniably situated in a picturesque location, sitting atop tide pools and rocky cliffs, backed by an azure sky and swirls of white clouds in the summer, speckled by purple wildflowers in the spring.

Amanda & Manuel

Capture the Love is proud to be the first-place recipient of a photography award for a picture taken at Pigeon Point seven years ago. So when Manuel and Amanda asked us to photograph their engagement shots at the same place, we were happy to revisit this memorable place. Symbolic to them since Manuel had proposed to Amanda close to here, we think it’s the perfect backdrop to highlight their love.

Love leads the way in the dark for those who are lost and seeking the light

Love leads the way in the dark for those who are lost and seeking the light. Standing tall and steady is the lighthouse, a lover beckoning for a ship to come home as it is tossed amidst a silent and unrelenting sea.

Amanda & Manuel

The lighthouse lens go round and round with its reliable flash of light. So too does life come full circle as it sometimes does in it serendipitous way.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Vernazza of Cinque Terra, Italy…back into landscape photography

August 5th, 2012 Comments off

I have not photographed landscape images in a long, long time. Well, engagement sessions come close but not close enough. Here’s one, photographed just last week at Cinque Terra, Italy. The city of Vernazza. Their seafood is fresh, olive oil, top notched and the temperature in the ocean, perfect for a pristine swim. If you do go, be sure to hike between the five cities. The view is perfect for anyone with a camera. Bellissimo!!!

Vernazza of Cinque Terra, Italy