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Magic happens | Nestldown with Vera + Eric

October 13th, 2015 Comments off

Once in a blue moon, I do see magical things happening. This is one of those times. Vera & Eric knew each other since pre-school and their magic of devotion and care transpired through their lives. Capture The Love is beyond honored to be a part of this wedding, only as cinematographers to showcase such beauty that traverse our planet, wedding was at none other than Nestldown

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Wedding | Ivana + Paul

July 21st, 2015 Comments off

Watch this couple romance and dance at the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Regale Winery wedding with Harry & Sylvie

June 27th, 2015 Comments off

You can tell by a man’s swagger whether or not he’s a woman’s man, and though a man of few words, Harry is exactly that when he woo’ed his wife-to-be, Sylvie. Strutting in a suave tux and shiny shoes, Harry makes his way down swanky Santa Row, with its manicured potted plants, distinct storefronts, and classy dining options. He passes his very own Vintage Wine Merchants on his way to Regale Winery, the setting of their elegant wedding.

Sylvie describes it best in her vows with her French-Canadian sass, how her entrepreneurial ideal man is smart, driven, entertaining, and romantic, all rolled into a snazzy pair of Italian shoes. It’s ok that Harry has chosen to bypass this particular wardrobe requirement; she has come to love him, anyway. Amidst wine glasses red and white, under a perfectly clear summer sky and surrounded by the sweet smell of lavender and loving friends and family, Sylvie and Harry seal their vows as husband and wife. “I feel big, I dream big, and I love big,” Sylvie says, with enough love for this union to last a lifetime.

Rising Duo Haley & Michaels wedding at Mountain Winery

May 14th, 2015 Comments off

Nothing like an amazingly beautiful couple to photograph than this rising country duo Haley’s & Michaels (Shannon Haley & Ryan Michaels), who got married at Mountain Winery in Saratoga

Here’s their exclusive on Country Weekly.

She lights up Mountain Winery

She lights up Mountain Winery

She lights up Mountain Winery

She lights up Mountain Winery

She lights up Mountain Winery

She lights up Mountain Winery

She lights up Mountain Winery

She lights up Mountain Winery

She lights up Mountain Winery

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Riot of a time with Cindy + Louis

April 13th, 2015 Comments off

Party music’s pumping, and bodies give off heat as they twist and sway to the rhythm of the bass. Hands in the air, memories slip in and out of consciousness as the recollections of the day resurface and recede. This is the adrenaline rush that follows a day filled with heightened emotions from orchestrating a wedding, after months or even years of hard work and planning. But let’s back up.

To the beginning. To gentler daytime memories beneath the shade of wisteria blossoms dangling delicately from an overhead trellis, shielding a couple from the harsh rays of the sun. To the Cypress Hotel, to Villa Montalvo in Los Gatos for a wedding ceremony, before we arrive at Dynasty Cupertino for the evening reception and festivities.

Cindy and Louis have known each other since they were kids when, to Cindy’s great surprise, she discovered deeper feelings for her childhood friend. The two have complementing personalities, from her Type A drive to his Type B mellowness, from her career as a math teacher in Los Angeles to his love for medical science. As with all great love stories that must endure the test of time, their relationship has not come without challenges, namely, that of distance; Cindy and Louis have once had to spend 4,000 miles apart (Louis in Grenada for med school), and they eventually cut that distance down to 2,500 miles (Louis in New York), and
the 340 (San Francisco Bay Area), and then to 0 on the day they exchange their heartfelt vows.

“Sometimes I wonder if this is just a dream,” Cindy mused, taking in the ethereal feel of having found love and happiness. A dream of spending forever by each other’s side. May they never have to be apart again.