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Riot of a time with Cindy + Louis

April 13th, 2015 Comments off

Party music’s pumping, and bodies give off heat as they twist and sway to the rhythm of the bass. Hands in the air, memories slip in and out of consciousness as the recollections of the day resurface and recede. This is the adrenaline rush that follows a day filled with heightened emotions from orchestrating a wedding, after months or even years of hard work and planning. But let’s back up.

To the beginning. To gentler daytime memories beneath the shade of wisteria blossoms dangling delicately from an overhead trellis, shielding a couple from the harsh rays of the sun. To the Cypress Hotel, to Villa Montalvo in Los Gatos for a wedding ceremony, before we arrive at Dynasty Cupertino for the evening reception and festivities.

Cindy and Louis have known each other since they were kids when, to Cindy’s great surprise, she discovered deeper feelings for her childhood friend. The two have complementing personalities, from her Type A drive to his Type B mellowness, from her career as a math teacher in Los Angeles to his love for medical science. As with all great love stories that must endure the test of time, their relationship has not come without challenges, namely, that of distance; Cindy and Louis have once had to spend 4,000 miles apart (Louis in Grenada for med school), and they eventually cut that distance down to 2,500 miles (Louis in New York), and
the 340 (San Francisco Bay Area), and then to 0 on the day they exchange their heartfelt vows.

“Sometimes I wonder if this is just a dream,” Cindy mused, taking in the ethereal feel of having found love and happiness. A dream of spending forever by each other’s side. May they never have to be apart again.

When I say jump…

November 2nd, 2008 Comments off

Lacee & Tejas' Wedding Album 

View Lacee & Tejas’ Wedding Album

  • Cypress Hotel, Cupertino

    September 20, 2008

    India met Czechoslovakia in Cupertino, California, recently at the wedding of Lacee and Tejas. This overachieving couple planned not one, but TWO weddings for the same day at the lovely Cypress Hotel.

    The morning began joyfully with drumming; bright colors; intricate details, from the mehndi-henna hand painting, to the intricate jewelry, and stunning fabrics; and motion.

    The afternoon was happy, as well. Typical Western customs were observed. A string quartet, the bride and groom with their attendants, the ceremony, the banquet, the dancing. A custom of swapping out a “matron’s bonnet” for the bridal veil had Lacee traditionally Czech for her dances with the male guests.

    Which brings me closer and closer to the BIG JUMP.

    This entire day was particularly marked with visual movement: the two events themselves; the quickly swapped patio, converting it from Eastern to Western style; the fabrics; the hand painting; even the wedding cake itself was decorated with details that “moved.”

    So, as you can see from Lacee and Tejas’ wedding album, I used static shots in fluid ways to bring some of that energy into the experience of watching these pictures. Easy tricks are using a series of quick photos in sequence; close-up of the beautiful fabric used on the ceremonial wedding arch, with its pattern that ebbs and flows; capturing the bride’s gown swirling around her legs as she dances. These are all static tricks to show motion.

    Lacee, Tejas and the wedding party outside Cypress Hotel, Cupuertino

    Another technique to insert motion into a shot is to MAKE your models move. And this is where my inner sadist has its fun. You KNOW that the wedding party is devoted to a bride and groom, when—dressed in tuxedos or fancy dresses with tall high heels—these folks will JUMP. Not once, not twice, but many, MANY times until every single toe floats off the ground at the same time. That is a powerful moment for the photographer.

    As you can imagine, a double event like this, with so many transitions within the single hotel, cannot succeed without someone overseeing the day. Both Lea McIntosh and her team, Creative Events By Ashley were the behind-the-scenes wedding coordinators for Lacee and Tejas. Lea is one of my favorite professionals to work with because her skills ensure a smooth event. You can check out this talented woman at her websites.

    I admire Lacee and Tejas for their profound commitment to each other and their families and for pulling off a Herculean challenge of two weddings on the same day in the same place. It was a joy and a challenge for me, too, to be focused on the job for such a long time. So, if the couple can get through this, who doubts they’ll succeed together?

    Michael Soo

  • Sample Wedding Album at Cypress Hotel of Cupertino

    April 21st, 2007 1 comment

    This completely customized wedding album was actually completed on Tuesday 4/17/2007, a mere 3 days after the 4/14/2007 wedding!!! Not to brag but this is somewhat unheard of. Most photography studios require at least one full month to complete a wedding album design of a lesser quality.

    I only get to post this today since I don’t want others to see the album before the bride and groom do. It’s a courtesy thing. They check it out last night and loved it with a minor change to the last page. So, it’s signed off and ready for printing. ;)

    Rie & Bryan’s Wedding Album

    - Michael Soo

    Rie & Bryan – Wedding Photograhy at Cypress Hotel, Cupertino

    April 14th, 2007 Comments off

    Yin and Yang Rie (pronounced Ree-ia) and Bryan are the absolutely sweetest couple I’ve met. Bryan has got to be one of the most considerate guy out there. They would consult every details of the wedding with each other. On top of that, their spontaneity adds to the fun.

    We had to switch our shoot plans from one dress to another due to location conflicts. They also had to switch their engagement shoot date. Their engagement shoot was in a cold windy location. I could see goosebumps on Rie’s arms and she didn’t even flinch. What a trooper!

    Cypress Hotel Wedding This wedding is at the Cypress Hotel, just a mere 5 mins walk from my studio. Lea Mcintosh (a truly gifted and charming lady with a business mind), the Cypress’ Catering Director referred me to Rie and Bryan.

    Cypress is a fantastic hotel to shoot in due to how much thought they placed in designing their interiors. Every corner can be a great background to shoot in. So, I suggested to use it as the location to shoot for Rie & Bryan’s Engagement shoot, days before the wedding itself.

    I cannot stress how important engagement photographs are. It meld and transforms a wedding album elegantly. It creates diversity of colors, collage of emotions, texture and charm to an otherwise, plainer album.

    Bouquet by the dress Contours of Rie Devert Rie’s dress and train are absolutely gorgeous. The design of the dress contours around her hourglass figure fashionably. It’s an awe to watch her stroll the aisle in that dress. Bryan is one lucky man.

    Paul (my 2nd shooter) and I shot over 1500 images in that short 6-7 hours. My return rate for my images are higher than most, so I tend to get 30-40% keepers. What that means is that the album is going to be super amazing. I’ll update the blog with a link to the album when it is completed (possibly in a week or two). Meanwhile, you can view the images in Rie & Bryan’s Wedding Gallery with options to purchase prints.

    - Michael Soo